DSL help plz.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Dec 28 15:46:41 PST 1999

Quoting ME (dugan at libwais.sonoma.edu):

> This is not just from me, this is from PacBell and 2 northbay xDSL
> providers.

I beg your pardon, but it is not:

> Maybe you can ell them they are wrong:
> Please check http://public.pacbell.net/faq/dsl_faq.html
> "Will business customers want to replace their existing DS-1 (T-1) 
> Internet service with DSL? There are clear technological differences
> between DSL and T1 Internet service. The first of which is that T1 service
> is 1.5Mbps both ways.

Obviously, this refers to aDSL.  Unfortunately, many parties who should
know better use the terms "DSL" and aDSL synonymously.

> Mention of "both ways" is full duplex. I believe that most xDSL are not
> ale to upload and download at max speeds simutaniously.

Allow me to refresh your memory:  We were speaking specifically of SDSL.
> On the original issue of latency, that does not describe bandwidth, they
> are two different animals.

That is true but not relevant to the present discussion.

> If your xDSL cable provider offers you 2Mbps SDSL, you need clarification:

To refresh your memory, (1) Best Internet (over Northpoint cabling service)
provides approximately 1.1 Mbps service over an SDSL line to my place of
residence, 744 Harrison, San Francisco.  (Again, the initial "S" stands 
for "symmetric".)  Separately, (2) At my former firm, I had a 2 Mbps HDSL
line over existing CAT3 cabling across the office building, internal to
the firm's LAN.

I hope that alleviates any confusion.

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