DSL help plz.

ME dugan at libwais.sonoma.edu
Tue Dec 28 04:43:21 PST 1999

On Mon, 27 Dec 1999, Devin Carraway wrote:
> Subject: Re: DSL help plz.
> On Mon, Dec 27, 1999 at 10:04:52PM -0800, Sebastian Mindling wrote:
> > On Mon, 27 Dec 1999 21:46:34 -0800, David Johnson <dgj-dave at pacbell.net> spoke gently:
> > >     Hello, this is my first post and hopefully this is the right forum
> > > to ask this indepth question.
> > > Here Is what I want to do:
> > > 1) I have a small (10baset) windows98 network (2 computers)
> > > 2) I have a linux box I would like to setup as a router/gateway between
> > > the LAN and my DSL connection.
> [...]
> > http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/IP-Masquerade-HOWTO.html
> 	... also, since your Linux box is going to be exposed to the world
> as a stationary target, be sure to give it a once-over securitywise; don't
> run any services you're not using, set your hosts_access files properly,
> update your package errata, that kind of thing.  Skipping this step can
> bring you untold sufferring later on.

To address this as far as networking is concerned, examine what services
you have running on your local machine that are available to network use. 

netstat -a |more
should show you what ports presently have services listening. This can
also allow you to shut down un-necessary services. Also, make sure you are
using some of the most up-to-date versions of server software. Keep up on
security mailing lists to know when security, or service enhancing
patches are available.

(You will need to examine your start-up services in your Linux
Distribution to understand how to turn them off. Many use /etc/inetd.conf
to find what services should be started under inetd, but some are started
with their own stutup/shutdown scripts.)

Also look over the firewalling HOW-TO that can be reached form the same
site as the above IP-Masquerading How-To listed above.

Other items:
Though it is possible to set up port redirections on the linux box that
get translated to map to your other machines on your 10T network, placing
your services directly on the linux box would most likely save you
headaches in the future and limit problems to a single point of failure...

You may want to examine your xDSL connection. ADSL frequently offers up to
1.544Mbps download, but 384kbps upload. As a server, this is the opposite
of what you would like. Most people would want to download from you a
majority of your site's traffic. If this is going to be a busy service,
look into leased space from an ISP with a dedicated server, or web space
on a multi-hoed server. If you are dead set on the idea of serving from
home, then T1 offers 1.544 Mbps at full duplex, or SDSL (in some areas)
offers bi-directional identical speeds, but still are not full duplex... 

(I do not address the topics covered by the previous people since they
gave you a direction for learning.)

> > > 3) I would like to eventually host my own sites using the linux box/as
> > > well as share the connection to the LAN.
> 	Assuming you mean running a webserver, the place to start with that
> is to install your webserver of choice (Apache being the usual one), peruse
> its documentation (http://www.apache.org/docs/ and similar) and experiment
> till you get the hang of things.  If you like documentation in book form,
> O'Reilly's Apache book is good for relative beginners.

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