About the 2 macs and 1 linux on a LAN

John F. Kohler jkohler2 at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 16 10:36:55 PDT 2000

More information on the Kensington ethernet card:

EtheR VP 10/100Base-TX
PCI Fast ethernet Adapter
Model  KNE110TX
Part no.  4460071-001.B00

This model supports a UTP connection designed for 10/100 base-tx networks.  The
etheRx PCI
Fast Ethernet adapter auto-negotiates /10/100 speed and half- or full-duplex
mode operation.
Dynamically configured by the computer system's BIOS, the KNE100TX is designed
for PCI (peripheral Component Interconnect) Local Bus Architecture.

Setup of the Kensington card for Linux.....

First, log at the root level.
    Open a terminal session (x-term)
    Change directory to /usr/bin
     go config>networking?client tasks
    go to Basid Host Information
    Click on (adaptor) tab
    Click on (enable) to activate the adaptor
    On config mode, select (manual) (DHCP) or(BOOTP)
    E nter IP address (not needed for DHCP)
    Enter Net Mask (not needed for DHCP)
     on (Net device) click on the down arrow and select   eth0
    On kernal module,
         choose "tulip" for kne110tx

(for the ne module you need to specify an I/O/ address and IRQ for the card to
work properly)

Click quit when finished
Click (activate the changes.  When the linuxconf windows disappear, installation
is complete,
you may need to wait for a few seconds for the changes to take place.

I wonder if it could be that I did not need to specify an I/O address, and IRQ
and might haf done so in errot.


E Frank Ball wrote:

> } I did get an error
> } "delying eth0 initialization"
> } and some other stuff
> } Something about /lib/something and "tulip" (the driver for my ethernet card
> } from Kensington)
> That's a problem.  "delying eth0 initialization" means your ethernet
> card isn't working.  "lsmod" will show what kernel modules are loaded,
> there should be one for the ethernet card driver.  The driver can be
> manually loaded with /sbin/modprobe drivername (tulip if that's it).
> See if that works.
> What's in /etc/conf.modules?
>    E Frank Ball                frankb at efball.com

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