Crossover Office 1.2 - Add Quicken

Mark Street jet at
Tue Aug 6 21:58:25 PDT 2002

I downloaded my upgrade today!!  Quickbooks is on the horizon.  Spread the

CodeWeavers Unveils CrossOver Office 1.2.0 With New Support For Quicken
and Visio

ST. PAUL, MN-(August 7, 2002)-CodeWeavers, Inc., a leading Windows-to-UNIX
software developer, today unveiled CrossOver Office Version 1.2.0, the
newest version of its breakthrough software solution.

    With Version 1.2, CodeWeavers is officially supporting both Intuit's
Quicken and Microsoft Visio, in addition to the already-supported
Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and IBM Lotus Notes. CrossOver
Office, CodeWeavers' hugely popular software solution, allows Linux users
to install and operate popular Windows software on their PCs without the
Windows operating system. Also new to CrossOver Office 1.2 are a number
usability enhancements designed to make the Windows application user
experience smoother, faster, and more convenient.

"CrossOver Office has been a major success for CodeWeavers, underscoring
the incredible demand for quality software to enable Windows applications
to run on Linux and Unix," said Jeremy White, founder and president of
CodeWeavers. "With Version 1.2, Linux users can now dependably run
Quicken, the world's most popular personal finance software, at the click
of a button." CrossOver Office 1.2 supports all versions of Intuit's
Quicken personal finance package. CrossOver Office 1.2 also runs Visio
2000, Microsoft's business and technical diagramming application that
produces flowcharts, timelines, and organizational charts to help
companies visualize ideas, information, and systems.

In addition to the announcement of support for Quicken and Visio, the firm
has also expanded its "Honorable Mentions" category of
applications--software packages that are known to run under CrossOver
Office, but are not yet officially supported. Prominent among these
packages is Intuit's popular QuickBooks software, a leading small business
finance package. According to White, full support for QuickBooks will be
forthcoming in the near future. "We're excited at the prospect of
supporting Intuit's full line of personal and small-business applications,
as we think this will significantly expand the appeal of the Linux desktop
in the computing marketplace."

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