Configuring SCSI CD-ROM drives

ME dugan at
Sat Aug 17 13:54:29 PDT 2002

On Sat, 17 Aug 2002, Lincoln Peters wrote:
> I just picked up a used CD rack with 7 CD-ROM drives, all daisy-chained 
> together using SCSI.  I have hooked it up to a SCSI controller that 
> successfully identified all 7 CD-ROM drives, but now that I have the SCSI 
> controller configured on my RedHat 7.3 box, I can't figure out how to access 
> the drives!

If the SCSI card finds them all at boot, that is good. If it does not,
then fix that first.

When Linux starts up, check your logs and search for (case
insensitive) "cd" or "sr" or "scsi" to find the section where SCSI drives
are found.

Once the Linux kernel can find them, they should be available and assigned
to /dev/sr0 /dev/sr1 /dev/sr2 ...

> I checked /proc/scsi/scsi, and the only thing listed is my CD-RW (which used 
> the ide-scsi driver).  No mention of any other SCSI devices.  Anyone know 
> what I should be doing?  Could the ide-scsi driver be conflicting with the 
> other SCSI driver?

Check the logs to see what the kernel says. If it says it has found the
drives,then, you are - or should be in business.


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