Did anyone go to MADDOG's session ?

troy fryman at sonic.net
Wed Aug 21 01:03:29 PDT 2002

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 09:54:33PM -0700, Dave Cooper wrote:
> Well,
>  As always, I seem to be unable to go any where or attend anything....
>  Did anyone make it the MADDOG session...

Hey Coop!

Yeah, as they'd say in maddog's hometown.. it was wicked cool!
Aside from one know-it-all asshole in the audience, it was a great talk.

Cliff notes version, (unfortunately minus the funny M$ and DEC jokes): Speak
their language.  Whomever you're trying convince, speak on their terms.  We
geeks love Linux/ Open Source as much or more for technical reasons and
idealogy than for practical reasons but the average business or educator
doesn't care.  I'll repeat what Bill quoted since it was the mantra for the
evening: "Show them how OSS can save them money; show them how it can make
them money."  

We also found out that he's running Suse currently, but is pretty much
distro-agnostic.  It was also humorous to note that while we were taking
pictures of him, he was taking pictures of us!  

Other highlights:
Pete (LUGOD prez.) when speaking about the need for an LCD projector and the
means to finance it says, "Hmm.  maybe we should hit up IBM for a donation,
see if they'll put their money where their mouth is..."  In the audience was
an IBM rep entertaining some clients. heh.  He took it good-naturedly and
in fact seemed to be willing to help out.

> comments... highlights.. lowlights....   At least tell us you had some
> good beer afterwards...

Yeah, it was at a brewery.  Good beer too.  The other option for the meeting
would have been the library.  I'm told that when Bill asked maddog if he had
a preference (brewery or library) he replied, "Like Spock would say, 'There
is only one logical answer to that question.'"

Maddog is an excellent speaker and even more charismatic than you might
imagine.  Next time there's a chance to hang out and see him talk, lock your
kids, dog, wife in the closet, whatever it takes.


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