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Sat Aug 24 01:38:55 PDT 2002

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 08:15:58PM -0700, ME wrote:
> If you did not pre-obfuscate these, then a would be attacker has enough
> information to launch an attack. So far, the mailing list has not been
> archived to a web readable format, but I am sure that may change.

Ahem...  Ask and you shall be told you already had it...

There are links for all three lists on the info page of the website
and an annoucement somewhere.

BTW, my two+ cents on the issue of NFS over dsl, presumably without an
encrypted channel of some means or another:
Do you really trust your DSL provider?

(Envision a typical sysadmin, shaking his head no.)

And for backups?

(Imagine your boss, asking for a file, that, for the purposes of this
exercise, is full of passwords.)

Also, can we shoot that Unixware box yet?  From what I have seen on
this list, it causes much more trouble than it would take to put
whatever it is running onto something better, like Linux, which might
make it a bit easier to set up a secure channel for UDP (I would
suggest VTun [vtun.sourceforge]).

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