Requested information about YOUR cellphone or pager

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Sun Jun 9 22:53:04 PDT 2002

Hello all,

So this weekend in a flurry of Redbull I wrote a script to send sms
messages to different cell phones (or pagers).

It is a pretty basic perl script but is quite useful for email
notification, server downtime or any other event, even birthdays.

At the moment the list of supported providers consists of:

What I was hoping for was a group of people that have cell phones with
either these providers or any other providers to send me an email.
I need to know other common cell phone providers worth adding into the
supported providers.

Tonight I am going to implement some new features, but I really want to
test the current features.

Any number or provider information would be greatly appreciated.
Also if you want to suggest a feature, feel free.

There will be a website up in few days about this.


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