Hardening linux [howto?]

error error at sonic.net
Fri Jun 14 02:54:20 PDT 2002


I never sent that announcement to the list, I have been meaning to do it
for quite some time. I will one of these days.

I am from Santa Rosa, and you?

I have attended a few meetings and I have been on the list before.

You can find more about me at either http://www.sonic.net/~error or at
lostinthenoise.net or a few other sites if you just search hard :)


> Hope this helps. BTW, I did not keep the original announcement of your
> arrival. Where are you from, and how did you hear about this LUG? Your
> questions have been good ones! The earliest message I found from
> this address was did not jog my memory into matching a face name and
> e-mail address, sorry about that :-( Feel free to respond in private
> for these Q's. :-) Sorry for not paying attention like I should have been.
> -ME

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