[NBLUG/talk] local cell plans, data for linux laptop?

William L. Thomson Jr. support at obsidian-studios.com
Mon Sep 1 16:29:00 PDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-01 at 17:02, Daniel Smith wrote:
> I'm in the market for a new cell phone.  While I am at it, I
> would like to be able to connect my Linux Laptop to the
> cell so that I can get online, wherever there is service.

When you get an adapter it's like modem speeds. If you get a data
wireless plan from a provider like Verizon then you will have closer to
ISDN speeds any where you have digital service. Which is most of the
time these days.

I have set up a few for clients on windows. However when you get a data
plan you end up with two accounts and two cell #. One for your phone one
for data.

At the time they did not have Linux support. In fact I am not sure if
they do now. I would imagine they do since you can get Verizon wireless
service for a Sharp Zaurus. Which I think may be PCMCIA based. Not sure
about the software or if you could use it with a Laptop running Linux?

The cards are usually around $300 and the plans start at like $30-$50.
With the ceiling being $100 for unlimited bandwidth.

> What are others using?  Something wired?  Some sort of
> Bluetooth adapter?  Any providers I should stay away from?

Now I am pretty sure that things like T-Mobile is very different. They
have hot spots where the service is? I think that is more 802.x based
than cellular? Not sure there, making assumptions.

With Verizon it's where ever your cell phone works in digital mode.

There is a company called Clear Wire that has some really cool wireless
access that is also CDMA based. They provide like up to 2Mbps down /
769kbps up. However they are in limited markets and coverage is non

Not sure if anyone in CA is providing this type of service or not, but
it's really cool technology. With regard to wireless Internet access on
a large scale basis. Like across a city. Keep in mind the coolest part
is the modem has an internal lithium battery. So you can have wireless
service with your laptop on the run without power. Not sure how long it
last, but it's a cool concept.

One day I plan to go the Verizon route myself. Mainly for my Zaurus so I
can admin servers and etc while I am out and about. Really do not see me
using it as much for my laptop. Depends on if I have to buy two cards or
one. Or if you can have two cards on one plan or you have to have a card
per plan?

At&t and others also provide similar access. However with regard to
cellular I prefer and recommend Verizon. Which also covers wireless
Internet access.

William L. Thomson Jr.
Support Group
Obsidian-Studios, Inc.

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