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Annie A annie_ack at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 3 00:25:01 PDT 2003

Firstly thanku very much for replying.
.. I tried to make the hosts as static by just adding
their ip addreses in the host= line in each of the
entities [muk] and [ash], but the prob is that when i
do this, the phones do not even register....phone
Registration as ash failed at server....
and  at server i get the following message:
Notice: Line:2694...Peer 'ash' is not Dynamic (from
So u see thats why i was making them dynaimc.. But
heres one thing:
When i do try the above thing, and at the server if
run the command "Iax show peers", then it does show
the following:
Name   Host                      Mask  Port Status
ash   192....62 (which is right)255.... 0  

I cant understand.. if ash is not registering as a
user, then how come it is being displayed at the
server with port =0 ?? this is getting curiouser and

Also : if i am able to register them with the dymaic
thing then now how should i "register" them both in
register => muk:myown at localhost.com ?
i mean what should be the name of the server which
comes after the @..part? because any name i put there
it says "locvalhost not found"....etc..i still think
that this line should only be in use in case i want my
asterix server to register to another asterix server
like iaxtel.com etc...not for any phones that which to
connect to me..correct if im worng?

and finally: If the users ash and muk have their phone
numbers to be 511 and 500 respectively should i use
the extensions.conf in this way:
 exten => _500,1,Dial,..
which means to say tht if the number 500 is dialed
then do what follows..? bcoz in my case i tried both
but nothing changed.
thanx a ton

Your Reply:

Registering is not required when a client is called by
IP.  When called 
dynamically it MUST reigister with the server. 
Because when a call 
comes in 
to that extension the server needs to know where that
client/host is on 

Your extensions look adequate...minimal

Check out the defaultip=
for your iax clients, reference pp. 60-67 in Asterisk
2 Handbook.

There may be other issues.... but this is what I can
tell from what you 
stated below.

> 1. in iax.conf:
> [muk]
> type=friend
> auth=pliantext
> secret=myown
> context=default
> host=dynamic
> permit=
> callerid="Muk"<500>
> [ash]
> type=friend
> auth=plaintext
> secret=hisown
> context=default
> host=dynamic
> permit=

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