[NBLUG/talk] Re: OS Alternatives.

Jim Bianchi jimbo at sonic.net
Thu Sep 4 00:21:01 PDT 2003

	Steve.. Hmmm, Dell Latitude, eh? Does it have a bay in which you
can put a CD ROM drive if you had one? I recently bought a Dell Latitude
C600 on eBay (I had it upgraded to a full 512meg RAM), and it came with a
CD ROM drive and a 3.5" floppy drive that could be swopped into the same
slot if needed. I also bought a new CD R/W drive for it, which means I got
a CD ROM drive that just sits there and collects dust. This CD ROM drive
works splendidly (I installed RH 8.0 with it), it's just not really needed
any longer, since I have a CD R/W drive now. Can I interest you in it?
You'd have to come by my place and pick it up, but heyyy. Tell ya what,
you come get it, take it home and try it, and if it works, pay me whatever
you think it's worth, 'k?

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