[NBLUG/talk] I'm not spammer

Rob Orsini orsini at sonic.net
Fri Sep 5 16:08:00 PDT 2003

At 05:27 PM 9/4/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 05:07:35PM -0700, Rob Orsini wrote:
>} I have configured a mail server on on domain (call it: example.com) using
>} Exim.  I send mail to my yahoo account and it gets tossed in the 'bulk'
>} directory by their spam filter.  Below is the full headers from a test
>} message. I can get into my exim config file settings but I first want to
>} know what about the headers is causing the trouble. Can anyone list any
>} reasons this my mail is getting marked as spam?
>} Received: from cypress.orsini.us (adsl-64-142-13-100.sonic.net
>} [])
>}       by b.mx.sonic.net (8.12.9/8.12.7) with ESMTP id h84NqIOC023852
>}       for <orsini at sonic.net>; Thu, 4 Sep 2003 16:52:18 -0700
>Some places will call it spam because of the "adsl-number" in the reverse
>DNS.  Some places will call it spam if the reverse DNS doesn't match the
>name you give (cypress.orsini.us does not equal
>Many would say this is overly broad filtering, and I would agree, but
>that's the way some places are operating.
>Sonic will setup reverse DNS for you for a one time fee, so your reverse
>DNS could be cypress.orsini.us or orsini.us (orsini.us would be better,
>then configure Exim to send the mail without the machine name on the
>front).  I don't see the web page in the member tools, you probably need to
>call them.  It doesn't matter if you bought orsini.us thru them or somebody

I'm having sonic change the dns reverse look up to 
mail.orsinidesigns.com.  Does that host name of my box have to be mail now? 

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