[NBLUG/talk] Thanks to Bill Kendrick for his presentation

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Wed Sep 10 03:13:01 PDT 2003

On Tue, Sep 09, 2003 at 10:03:16PM -0700, ME wrote:
> Hello Bill,
> Thank you for your presentation to NBLUG.

No problem!  I hope everyone enjoyed it.  I realize it was quite a
'whirlwind' of a talk.  There's just so much to cover, and so many cool
things Gimp can do!

I highly encourage people to check out the various books on Gimp that
are out there.  As I mentioned during my talk, one is available for free
online now, at:


> I know it is a hassle to drive out here from Davis,

I only drove to Rohnert Park. ;^)  But yeah, no problem.  I enjoyed it.
I wish I could get out to NBLUG more often!  As much as I tease Eric,
you guys really do have a great LUG!

And MAN, you get to your presentations quickly, I tell you what! ;^)

> but we really appreciate your time and the fun your
> bring with you to our meetings.
> I expect many of our members may be going home to play with the gimp after
> seeing your presentation.

Great!  That's exactly what I wanted.  I know it's quite a hard tool to get
started with.  (Nothing compared to XFIG or Blender, though ;) )

I wanted to make it look a bit less daunting, while at the same time give
people an idea of the countless cool things it can do for them, so they'll
be more likely to go "Hrm, I bet I can do that with Gimp" when they need to
tweak a picture or make a drawing. ;)

> Maybe I will move to Davis some day and return the favor to LUGOD, and you
> can heckle me from the audience. ;-)

Heheh - Just remember, it's HOT and FLAT out here. :^(

I guess I'll see some of you Thursday for my talk at SSU, too!
Don't worry, I've got slides for that one. ;)


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