[NBLUG/talk] hsf softmodem trouble

Dave Sisley dsisley at arczip.com
Sat Sep 13 11:20:02 PDT 2003

On Sat, Sep 13, 2003 at 10:15:25AM -0700, Micxz Love (lovedialup.com) wrote:
> Well OK. I've tried many times to install winmodems in linux and have 
> failed. Call me lazy but I have to admit I just went to my SuSE.com and 
> looked in the hardware database and went to eBay and searched for that 
> product or one that used that same drivers. After I got tired of 
> compiling bunk drivers.
> Micxz
> Powered by SuSE 8.2
> BTW' you will always be able to get the windows drivers in most cases if 
> you need them too?

Probably, but if I don't get this figured out, I might just buy an extra
external modem and use that for my linux partition.

...but I'm still hoping to work this out.  I haven't had time to get it yet, 
but I'm going to post the info Mark asked for when I get a chance.  Maybe 
there's a clue in there.


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