[NBLUG/talk] Is Wi-Fi worth it?

ME dugan at passwall.com
Sat Sep 13 15:05:01 PDT 2003

Todd Cary said:
> Planning to "hit the road" for a few days, I am wondering about
> installing an 802.11b card in my notebook (yes, it is not a Linux
> system, yet).  Have any of the members of this forum had practical
> experience with 802.11b "on the road"?  Is it worth it?  And I do not
> plan to purchase T-Mobile services.


If "on the road" == "I do not car about my time and can enjoymyself on
vacation on the road wardriving for a place to use Internet access", then
it works.

If "on the road" == "I will plan my trip arounbd stopping at place that I
know will have free Internet access" then it also works.

If the destination will have it, then it can work too.

However, if "on the road" means, "I am doing business that is time
sensitive and quick responses are a must" or "i wont have time to look for
hot sppots while on the road" or "I won't plan my trip around traveling to
hotspots researched to being open and free ahead of time" then, it is
probably not worth it.

It's all a matter of what trade-off are woreth it to you, and which ones
can be easily traded away.


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