[NBLUG/talk] How do I get RH to recognize wireless card?

Dave Sisley dsisley at arczip.com
Thu Sep 18 10:05:01 PDT 2003

On Wed, Sep 17, 2003 at 08:55:58PM -0700, augie wrote:
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> Dave Sisley wrote:
> > I have downloaded and installed the drivers for these cards, but I'm
> > not sure how to get them working.
> [...]
> i'm not sure about the RH specifics, but the modules should have come
> with some kind of instruction. was there any documentation that came
> with them?
> augie.


I wasn't thinking about modules here.  There's a README file, but it
doesn't mention modules.  About the only thing I can find (running
'locate atmel' is that it added a file called atmel.conf to the
/etc/pcmcia directory.  The file consists of a list cards and
devices.  The devices listed are identified as 3com, Atmel or
Belkin. I added the Belkin one by hand, per something I read when

Is there something else I could check?


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