[NBLUG/talk] How do I get RH to recognize wireless card?

Micxz Love (lovedialup.com) an_email at micxz.com
Fri Sep 19 20:51:01 PDT 2003

> waaaaaaaah!
> nothing but 'lo' !  Damn!  I *am* getting closer... I can smell it!
> Thanks again for the help Mark (& everyone else!).  Take a look at my
> notes and let me know if you see anything that I could tweak.

Please post the relevant lines of /var/log/messages as you insert the card.

My network script is setup somthing like:

DEVICE=wlan0         <-- Change this to your device name!

And I have a server answering @ (mars) and forwarding traffic 
from the wireless access point. Mars is also my gateway to the internet.

So the relavant IP's for you may be different if your gateway has 
another IP. This is all depending on the network you've setup.


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