[NBLUG/talk] How do I get RH to recognize wireless card?

Micxz Love (lovedialup.com) an_email at micxz.com
Sun Sep 21 15:39:00 PDT 2003

 > Jim Bianchi wrote:
> 	Hmm, I bought a laptop and also a new Lucent/Orinco Gold wireless
> PMCIA card on eBay, got them both, installed RH 8.0, plugged the card into
> the PMCIA slot, and after rebooting (once) with the card installed, it was
> recognised and the appropriate driver for it (which was included in the RH
> installation) was automagically selected. With the card, I got a CD with
> drivers and all sorts of weird stuff for various incarnations of Windoze,
> DOS, Macs, and Linux on it. I looked at them, but never bothered to copy
> any of it, since the driver needed was on the HD already as part of the RH
> install procedure..
> 	My advice (FWIW) is to get a known good supported card, one with
> a recognised name (such as Lucent/Orinco), and go with that only. Like I
> say, I bought mine new on eBay, and since I had money and wanted a wifi
> card, I paid a premium price (big whoop -- $55 including s/h). After I'd
> bid on this one, I saw several others -- same card -- selling for less.

I got my Orinco Silver card on ebay for $25.00. I've stuck this card 
into three different Linux laptops and all worked great!

I've yet to get my Lynksys Instant Wireless to work under linux.


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