[NBLUG/talk] sonic.net-vpn ?

augie augie at schwer.us
Sat Sep 27 12:12:01 PDT 2003

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has anyone tried out the sonic.net vpn tunnel?

the linux client and setup info is here:


the install was easy, and i didn't have any problems, however use of it
isn't so hot.

the vpn client connects and authenticates just fine, but i can't surf to
websites. pings go through just fine, and host names are resolved, but
my http requests go unanswered.

i checked my logs and saw this:

Sep 20 10:08:53 gohan kernel: skb_p80211_to_ether: DIXII frame too large
(1416 > 1356)

i googled on it and found these links:


so i did as suggested and upped my mtu:

[root at gohan root]# ifconfig wlan0 mtu 1492

but that still wasn't enough:

Sep 20 10:10:14 gohan kernel: skb_p80211_to_ether: DIXII frame too large
(1500 > 1492)

so i upped it again:

[root at gohan root]# ifconfig wlan0 mtu 1500

that works, but now the connection is terribly slow. i'm guessing
because now the mtu is too large and the errors created by that cause
packets to be resent over and over, but any lower mtu and i don't get
any response at all.

dslreports.com/stest reports a speed of 29kbps which is about what it
feels like, this is pretty much unusable to someone who is used to dsl

this is a custom kernel that i compiled myself. if anyone has the time
can they try to install and use the cisco vpn client (link above) and
try out the sonic.net vpn tunnel (if your a sonic.net subscriber). i'm
just looking to see if i'm the only one with this problem. thanks!


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