[NBLUG/talk] Networking question

Dave Sisley dsisley at arczip.com
Sun Sep 28 15:28:00 PDT 2003

This question is sort of directed toward Kyle, but anyone can jump in, and I
thought that the answer might prove useful to other people as well.

At the install fest, Kyle mentioned an alternative way to use my home wireless 
setup, and (like a dope) I'm afraid I forgot to write it down.

The way I am currently using the connection I've set up between my laptop and
my desktop is to ssh into the desktop, ask it to dial out and do all my 
internet related business through that machine.  That works fine for 90% of my 
needs, plus it's easy enough to transfer files back and forth between the 2 

Where it is inefficient is when I need to download a file for the laptop from 
the web. The way it is now, I would download it to the desktop, then scp it to 
my laptop. That's not so bad, but it feels 'wrong'.  I just realized the real 
problem is when I want to 'apt-get upgrade' my laptop.  I can't really do that.

Kyle had mentioned a way for me to actually use the desktop for dialing out, 
but I could still be logged into the laptop and just use the desktop's ppp 
connection as if it were the laptop's.

Forgive me if I mistated the scenario.  I'd be happy to do some research, but 
I forgot the name of the process/concept.  Can I get a hint before I google?

Grateful as always,

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