[NBLUG/talk] Wheel mouse in X

Steve Johnson srj at adnd.com
Mon Sep 29 18:37:00 PDT 2003

Awesome this worked perfectly.. I also noticed my old mouse was 
configured wrong (emulate 3 button true when it really did have 3 
buttons lol)..  Thanks for the link!


error wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 02:57, Steve Johnson wrote:
>>I have a logitech wheel mouse, and X sees it as a 3 button mouse (you 
>>can click the mouse) but I can't get the mouse to work.  I messed around 
>>wiht this once before and ended up loosing my mouse all together lol!
>>Anyways to the point... Anyone got one of these working with the wheel? 
>>  I know it can be done because on my workstation at my old job I had it 
>>working.  I just don't remember what I did to get it to work.
>>If you have it working can you cut and paste the mouse section from you 
>>XF86config, so I can see it and add it to mine =)
>>Thanks in advance..
> Something like this:
> http://www.yak.net/fqa/236.html

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