[NBLUG/talk] Open SSH host config prob

icdedpple icdedppl at sonic.net
Mon Sep 29 20:36:13 PDT 2003

On Monday 29 September 2003 06:50 pm, ShadowEyez wrote:
> RH 8.0, kernel 2.4.18-14, OpenSsh 3.6.2 complied from binary
> Playing around with OpenSsh, trying to connect to Sonic (the
> shell.sonic.net server).  I can connect normally with the command $ ssh -l
> <username> shell.sonic.net and it works, but when I try to modify the
> /etc/ssh/ssh_config (host config file for ssh) the file does not seem to
> take effect.  For instance, I tried a new Host declaration to
> shell.sonic.net, with the User (username) so that I do not have to type the
> user name in every time, but it did not work.  Even putting this User under
> the general Host * did not work; after typing the command $ ssh
> shell.sonic.net it prompted me for root at shell.sonic.net's password rather
> than my user name password.  I know sonic doesn't accept SSHv2 connections
> (why not... another topic) but has anyone messed around with the
> /etc/ssh_config file to any degree of success?
> ShadowEyez
> shadoweyez at hotpop.com

If the idea is to avoid having to type in the username everytime, you could 
try writing a shell script like this:

ssh -1 -l <username> shell.sonic.net

Call it something clever, make it executable, and have fun.

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