[NBLUG/talk] I think I broke my ping!

Mark Street jet at sonic.net
Tue Sep 30 11:38:01 PDT 2003

It would muck you up.  You need to digest what it is you are trying to do.

To get you started disable the script you are now using.

Open FIrestarter and run the wizard.

1.  Pick your selected device which is ppp0, also check the start firewall on 
dialout option.
2.  Internet connection sharing dialog is next.  Pick Enable Network Address 
Translation and select your device ppp0, then enter your INTERNAL network 
address range..... or have it autodetect it.
3.  Next dialog, pick the network services you would like the outside to have 
access to., or disable all public access.
4.  Next dialog,  Disable TOS filtering you don't need it.
5.  Next dialog.  ICMP filtering, enable filtering on the different types, if 
you want ping to work then UNcheck Echo.
6.  Next dialog.  Save and quit.

make sure firestarter is running with a;

service firestarter start 
from a root prompt
make sure firestarter comes up on boot with a;
chkconfig firestarter on

then check it out... dialup and connect and see if you can get out from an 
internal box.  Even if you disabled ICMP on the firewall box you should get 
ping to work on one of the internal boxes.

You can fine tune the firewall with the firestarter gui tool in X.

On Tuesday 30 September 2003 07:56, Dave Sisley wrote:
> The trouble is, I'm not running firestarter.  Do you recommend I install it
> and set it up as you suggest below, or will that just muck me up even more?

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