[NBLUG/talk] Unix/Linux class

Dave Sisley dsisley at sonic.net
Sun Dec 3 10:10:34 PST 2006

Sean wrote:

> I took that class several years ago, and it should so you well.
> That class won't teach you what you couldn't learn on your own, but it
> will help familiarize yourself with it much more quickly. It always
> helps to have someone who you can ask for assistance.
> They used RedHat when I took the class.
I'd recommend it as well.  I took the first 2 parts with Mark Street 
(frequent list contibutor), but then they cancelled the course before I 
could take the 3rd part.  I then (gasp) got a job instead.  I'd still 
consider taking that 3rd part if it's offered again (and if I have the 
time in my present life).

It's true that you could learn much of the material on your own, but I 
found that while I already knew a lot of the basics going in, a lot of 
the classwork and assignments reinforced that knowledge and a good 
portion of it was stuff I probably wouldn't have learned without the 
class.  By that I mean stuff that I  wouldn't have come across in my own 
fooling around unless I forced myself to learn it.


Dave Sisley
dsisley at sonic.net

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