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Mark Street mark at oswizards.com
Mon Dec 4 10:28:35 PST 2006

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Spam Analyst / Technical Support (Santa Rosa)


Position is for member of spam investigation and analysis team. 
* Shifts available are for morning shifts 
* PT which could move into FT 
* Room for advancement 
* Training provided 

Responsibilities include: 
* Analysis of spam campaigns to create filtering patterns 
* Classification of objectionable material to protect customers 
* Front-line customer support via email and phone 


* 2+ years of experience technical support or customer service 
* Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills 
* Familiarity with Internet concepts, such as web and email technology 
* PC support (anti-virus, anti-spam, etc.) is a plus 
* Prefer Computer Associates degree or equivalent computer and
networking experience. 
* Prefer working familiarity with both UNIX/LINUX & MS Windows Exchange
& application experience 
* Phone experience a must 


* Strong verbal and written skills 
* Bilingual candidates preferred 
* Focus on customer satisfaction 
* Obsession with quality 
* Detail oriented 


* Team player 
* Professional appearance 
* Strong ability to proactively follow directions 
* Strong ability to work independently 
* High sense of business integrity and work ethic 
* Self-confident 
* Ability to work assigned shifts 


* Submit your resume in RTF/Rich Text format 
* Resumes not sent to jobs1234 at redcondor.com will be ignored 
* Seriously. 
* Please also include a list of your favorite 3 movies or bands 

Company Background: 

Red Condor, Inc brings the most effective next generation anti-spam and
anti-virus solution for the enterprise, government, and service provider
markets. Despite all the market attention on spam and email borne
viruses, there is no current Anti-Spam Anti-Virus solution that
effectively solves the spam/virus problem as effectively as Red Condor. 

* Red Condor provides a key service in a large, growing market clamoring
for a real solution . According to Ferris Research, the market for
anti-spam solutions will climb to over $2.4 billion by 2007. These
studies indicate that the current cost to world-wide businesses for
false-positives are as high as $3.5 billion. Despite contrary claims,
there are no dominant suppliers in the anti-spam and anti-virus market.
There are over 1.2 billion commercial email boxes worldwide, yet only
700 million of them are served by anti-spam protection, of which over
400 million are inadequately served by open-source solutions. The market
is ready for the next generation of innovative entrants. Red Condor has
the winning solution. 

* Red Condor has a proven, deployed technology. Stress-tested, refined,
and generally available Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus services with flawless
track record to hundreds of existing customers. Red Condor's technology
tracks evolving spam campaigns in real-time with near-zero
false-positive rates. 

* Red Condor provides comprehensive filtering: In addition to spam
filtering, Red Condor also filters viruses and other malicious code. Our
antivirus definitions are updated every few minutes, and there is no
additional software to run or update on any of the client computers. 

*                                 Compensation: $18 - $20 / hr / DOE
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