Also, is there still CIS49? (was Re: [NBLUG/talk] Unix/Linux class

Eric Skagerberg eric at
Tue Dec 5 09:46:08 PST 2006

Thanks for asking, Scott.  Yes, indeed:  you can enroll in one, two, or three units worth of CIS 49, "Independent Study in Computer and Information Sciences":

Years ago, I did several semesters of the above course, and it turned out to lead to my position as Computer Science instructor.

And thanks for the Nermal project documents!  I had one of the early user accounts.  Nermal is now the Student server,, and my home directory still has a few crusty old config files from those days.

Eric S.

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Subject: Also, is there still CIS49? (was Re: [NBLUG/talk] Unix/Linux class 

On Mon, Dec 04, 2006 at 10:31:31AM -0800, Mark Street wrote:
> If you take my course you will utilize all of your resources and you will push 
> your boundaries.


Also, for folks wanting to do something beyond the courses ... does SRJC
still offer credit for "special studies in computer science"?  I ask this

Hold on a second.  Let me preface this with a comment:

Carl Malamud once said (in his book __Stacks__) that he thought there should
be actually nine layers to the OSI network model -- the extra two layers
were "political" and "religious".

Seriously though, the systems and networking world of 1992 was pretty wild
and wooly -- and part of the secret to success back in the 1992 world of
academic computing was not only making things work, but describing them in
glowing terms ("political"), as well as convincing lab managers that running
the crynwr packet drivers and shims for Internet support on their lab
machines was a Good Thing ("religious").

So, without further fanfare, I present the original project documents for my
CIS49 project from the Summer of 1992: Building a Linux box that SRJC
students could dial up to and run elm.

I actually have the progress reports, also, but I want to look through them
before publication -- don't want any snide comments slipping out, as I was a
bit of a sardonic "snot-nosed" student back in the day... ;)

p.s. if you have trouble opening the WordPerfect documents -- aye carumba,
why aren't you running OpenOffice? :)

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