[NBLUG/talk]playing DVD's in debian stable

Mr. Jan Hearthstone hearthstone11 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 12 17:30:56 PST 2006

--- Mark Janes <707mjanes at comcast.net> wrote:

> Jan,
>    I recently purchased an H-P LightScribe DVD
> writer internal IDE
> drive, and it works very well. There are even
> Linux-based LightScribe
> applications out there, which work OK. I personally
> feel you have fewer
> problems overall if you go with well-known names in
> hardware whenever
> possible. Also H-P has a relatively good track
> record of supporting the
> Linux community while my experience has been that
> off-brand
> manufacturers sometimes are tied too closely to M$
> and either
> accidentally or intentionally design things to be
> hostile to non-M$
> OS'es. My previous DVD drive was an old Samsung
> which was OK but dated
> back to the late 90s, and I wanted to be able to
> burn DVD's (because
> they hold a lot more data). Also it was on sale at
> CompUSA for around
> $60 which was less than their store-brand plain DVD
> burner (without a
> lot of the features this drive has). For a
> lower-cost and/or used drive
> you might try eBay or a search through Froogle.com
> (google's shopping
> search engine), or in the brick-and-mortar world, PC
> Club or some of the
> used computer shops in Santa Rosa or Rohnert Park.
> BTW, it looks as
> though once you get a good DVD drive your software
> *should* allow you to
> play DVD's. If possible, try playback with an older 
> DVD first as
> they're less likely to have weird features in their
> encryption than a
> brand-new DVD. Good luck and happy DVD viewing. ;-)
> Mark Janes

Thanks Mark,
and this time I am going to keep the original
packaging, just in case!

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