[NBLUG/talk] FTPing large files

Christopher Wagner waggie at waggie.net
Thu Jan 7 20:41:52 PST 2010

I think the right focus is why it's failing. That's very odd, as I've 
used FTP to transfer multi-gigabyte files without difficulty.

Do you have an error message that FTP is generating? Which FTP program 
are you using? Is the destination server a generic web host? They might 
be quashing the connection purposefully.

- Chris

jezra wrote:
> On Thu, 07 Jan 2010 17:52:49 -0800
> sean machin <smachin1000 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm writing a python script for my Centos server which (among other 
>> things), tries to FTP a large (7GB) archive image to another server 
>> across the WAN.
>> My script calls the curl program to do the upload.  Curl always seems
>> to fail after a few 100MB however.
>> Any ideas on how best to transfer this large file?  I do not have SSH 
>> access BTW so can't use scp.
>> Thanks :)
>> Sean
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> Personally, I would use wget -c ftp://file/to/download for a
> download that is likely to be interupted. The "-c" flag will allow wget
> to pick up where it left off, so running wget -c ftp://file/to/download
> will only get the needed bytes.
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