[NBLUG/talk] FAT32 multiple file copy order

Bob Blick bobblick at ftml.net
Tue Jan 12 23:00:04 PST 2010

Thanks Bruce, Lincoln, Scrappy, Aaron,

Now I'm really confused.

I made three folders on a blank thumb drive. To each of the folders I
copied the mp3 album "Rubber Soul" by the Beatles. I chose that album
because last night when I wrote my email, it was an album that had
tracks out of order.

Three methods were used to copy.

One was with Konqueror using select-all then dragging and dropping. I
made sure to drag with my mouse on the first filename.

One copy method was from a terminal, "cp * dest"

Another copy method was suggested by Bruce, "cp $(ls -1) dest".

Finally, I dragged the Rubber Soul folder itself over to the thumb
drive, so by this time I had four folders each containing the same album.

Looking at the target folders, all the files were where they should be.
The Konqueror folders had files with the "Modified" date as the original
creation date and time(which followed the track order). The other two
methods had the current time as the modified date. This is FAT32 and I
seemed to only be able to find mtime and atime for the files, no ctime.

Playing in the car, all songs played in the proper order with the first
three methods. But the folder that was dragged over complete played in
the wrong order.

Bizarre, eh?

The folders themselves played in the order I created them, rather than
in alphabetical order. I expected that. It's all inconvenient.

I might reconsider choosing to use thumb drives with this deck. I'll
experiment with the ipod controls on it, I have an ipod I can use,
although I don't like using iTunes and the ipod seems to crash a few
times whenever I fill it from Linux.

BTW, I did not use playlists at all, since in the owners manual for the
deck it says nothing about playlists. If you're curious about the model,
it's a Pioneer DEH-P410UB.

Cheerful regards,


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