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 This should not have gone out today, it should go out tomorrow for the
November General Meeting on 2012-11-13. In an effort to be overly specific
and humorous, everywhere you see the word "Tonight" in the E-Mail below
simply substitute "Tomorrow" lest you show up to an empty parking lot. :)

 See you on Tuesday the 13th at 7:30,


 On Tue 11/ 6/12 5:00 PM , ac at sonic.net wrote:

  Location: O'Reilly Media

 NBLUG's yearly elections will be held tonight.  For more information on
the positions open, see the Elected Officers section of
http://nblug.org/bylaws. [1]

 After the election is concluded we will have time allotted for lightning
talks followed by the announcements of the election result.  The remainder
of the night will be a hackfest with rumors of a possible code sprint

 See you tonight,

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[1] http://nblug.org/bylaws.
[2] http://nblug.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/announce
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