[NBLUG/talk] domain name registrar which uses spam list on outgoing mail?

Kendall Shaw kshaw at kendallshaw.com
Thu Nov 29 11:42:50 PST 2012


If this is too far off topic, I apologize. I have email forwarded to my 
ISP by my domain name registrar (I use fetchmail to put that in an imap 
server. so that's how this is related to linux...). Their host that 
relays email for my account gets on the CBL at spamhaus. So, people who 
send me email get an email back that seems to be saying that I am a 
spammer. This is a disaster.

The registrar tech support people that I talked to said that they won't 
move my MX record to a different host and that there is nothing that 
they can do.

If I understand correctly, the host that relays email to my ISP could 
use a spam detection service, for example spamhaus, on email that they 
relay, and take preventative measures.

Do you know how I can find a domain name registrar that doesn't get it's 
servers on spam lists frequently? Aside from asking each one and hoping 
to be understood.


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