[NBLUG/talk] Lazy as can be

gandalf at sonic.net gandalf at sonic.net
Fri Feb 1 14:18:51 PST 2013

Ok, I'm really lazy. I generally don't upgrade servers unless I really, really have to. I've got this server and finding anything for it is a big pain and some of the stuff on it doesn't even work right. 

It's running debian 2.6.8-11-amd64-k8 which is not even a standard lineage install. What it has been doing very, very well for many years is file serving for a windows network, some private web serving, and doing backup services for multiple machines abroad and local. 

How much of a pain is this to upgrade or should I just go build something and replace it. I think it's running one of the old AMD 3400 CPUs. 

Yes, yes I've been trying to get the modem working and am running into issues configuring the serial ports. Compliing drivers doesn't even work as they don't recognize amd64 as a proper version; lovely. 

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