[NBLUG/talk] Question:

Jim Bianchi jimbo at sonic.net
Sat Feb 2 15:09:36 PST 2013

I play a browser based game and have written a very short script to put 
a digital xclock in a small window that I (manually) set to 'always on 
top' every time I invoke it. And whenever I go to full screen on my 
browser, the 'stay on top' instruction is no longer recognised.

I need to know two things: 1. Is it possible to put something in the 
command line that would cause the box to be 'always on top' without 
having to manually set it every time? If so, what?

2. How do I keep this box always on top, even when I go to full screen?

FYI, the WM is Gnome, the browser is Epiphany (sometimes it's IceWeasel) 
And here is the BASH shell script:

export TZ=WET
exec xclock -strftime 'Server time: %T  --  %a, %b %e, %Y' -padding 5 -d 
-update 1


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