[NBLUG/talk] Old Sun hardware

bm at sonic.net bm at sonic.net
Tue Apr 18 14:39:06 PDT 2006

> If anyone would like some old Sun hardware, let me know.  I've got some
> boxes to give away (yes, free).  They don't have hard drives, and most
> don't have video.  They need to be gone by noon today.
> Contact me at :
> cbc at sonic.net
> 522-1000
> Clay
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Hello Clay,

it is about 2.5 hours past your deadline, but is there anything left?

If so, and I am allowed to dip a second time, please give me a call
at 539-9148 or e-mail, bm at sonic.net and I will gladly come over and
help you clean up.


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