[NBLUG/talk] How Low Can We Go?

Lincoln Peters sampln at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 18 22:40:57 PDT 2006

Stephen Cilley wrote:
> Anyway, my dilema is this: even though those stats
> sound like they can more than handle an install of
> KNOPPIX, DSL, or something else very small, it only
> has a 2.5 inch floppy drive.  It also has pcmcia
> slots, so I should be able to put my USB card in
> there, but even with that in, I don't think I can boot
> from a USB drive (I haven't even been able to figure
> out how to enter the BIOS, yet.)  So does anyone have
> any suggestions as to how I might get a distro on
> there?

Does it have any sort of networking hardware built-in?  Because if so, 
you could probably install from the venerable Debian "boot floppies" and 
net-install your way to a working system.  Even a null modem cable 
should suffice for a net-install (using a computer that has a null modem 
service installed and has access to the Debian repository), IF you have 
the patience for it.

Once you've got a working installation, you should be able to set up all 
the drivers for the PCMCIA cards you're going to need (e.g. a USB card), 
and you should be good to go.

(I'm assuming, of course, that when you said "2.5 inch floppy drive", 
that what you meant to say was "3.5 inch floppy drive".)

Lincoln Peters
<sampln at sbcglobal.net>

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