[NBLUG/talk] [OT?] Static DHCP leases from a LinkSys router?

Dustin Mollo dustin at sonic.net
Fri Apr 21 13:04:57 PDT 2006

On Fri, Apr 21, 2006 at 12:54:19PM -0700, matt wrote:
> "Static DHCP assignments" are kind of an oxymoron. Either you use the DHCP and 
> have the IPs assigned dynamically, or you configure the machine (not the 
> router) to use a static IP. If you don't want your IP to change every so 
> often (id est, when the lease runs out), configure it to use a static IP 
> like .5 or something (as everyone else has mentioned). You should never even 
> have to touch the router.

as bill already pointed out, doing static dhcp assignments are very handy
for laptop users. i almost always use dhcp to get an IP at the various
networks i visit (work and home mostly).  this is handy in that i never have
to do a bunch of network changes when i move from network to network.

and as far as touching the router...i only do that when i have a new device
at home that i want to statically assign (very rare).

oh - and static assignment is also very handy for gear that, out of the box,
doesn't have an IP and does DHCP by default.  usually this equipment has the
MAC on the docs or box someplace.  i simply create an entry for it on my
router, plug the new box in, and i can immediately reach it over the network
without having to muck with serial cables or other weird network tricks to
gain access to the new gear.


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