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William -

My godson is an engineering major at Cal Poly and is doing extremely 
well.  You may want to contact him and find out his thoughts on the school.

I am not sure if he still has the same email address; I'll check it out.

Ross Gompertz <ross at nicasio.org>


Stephen Cilley wrote:
> I went to Cal Poly last year.  I realize this might be
> something aside from the question that you are asking,
> but I want to give you a big flashing neon warning
> sign about that place:
> Their whole administrative philosophy is kind of
> bogus.  Things are pretty sticky at that school if you
> make a mistake.  Most importantly DO NOT go into a
> program you are at all unsure about.  It's very very
> difficult to transfer majors within the school and
> they will make you pay dearly for your mistake.
> I went for one year, but it only took me a quarter to
> realize I was in the wrong major.  I failed out after
> three quarters and don't plan on returning.  In the
> fall I'm going off to San Jose state under their SE
> program.
> As far as davis is concerned, the only thing I've
> heard about them (and I heard this from Aaron) is that
> they teach first year students in C/C++ instead of
> Java like most other four year universities.
> Both schools have nice campuses, but there is
> something very pastoral about CPSLO that I've never
> seen at another college.  If you are going down to
> check it out any time soon, make sure you set aside an
> hour or two to walk up poly canyon, it's beautiful:
> http://www.originalskinstudios.org/pix/CPHills/
> http://www.originalskinstudios.org/pix/Poly%20Canyon%20April%20'05/
> Best of luck to both of us for the fall, eh?
> Stephen Cilley
> --- William Tracy <afishionado at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm sorry that this is a bit off-topic. :-)
>> I'm a computer science major currently at the JC,
>> planning to transfer
>> next fall. I'm considering Cal Poly SLO, and UC
>> Davis; both have
>> accepted my applications.
>> Davis and Cal Poly both have computer science
>> programs, but Cal Poly
>> also has a software engineering program, which looks
>> like it is more
>> geared toward someone wanting to get a job in
>> programming. On the
>> other hand, it looks like getting a degree there
>> will take at least a
>> year longer that at Davis.
>> Eventually, I want to get a job computer
>> programming. I was wondering
>> if anyone here could offer any thoughts from the
>> perspective of
>> someone in the software industry. If there's any
>> graduates from these
>> schools here who can comment, that would be great,
>> too.
>> The impression I get is that the degree you get only
>> really matters
>> for the first job or two; after that, it's all about
>> where you worked
>> before. Does this mean that it really doesn't matter
>> where I go? Could
>> anyone offer any thoughts on whether a software
>> engineering degree is
>> really going to be more helpful than a computer
>> science degree?
>> Thanks a lot!
>> William Tracy
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