[NBLUG/talk] Request for hardware and distro recommendations

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Wed Apr 26 18:49:31 PDT 2006

>> My recommendation:
>>   1) Double your physical memory to 512MB
> Agreed.
> Or even more, to 1GB...  ;-)

Umm. Maybe I'm a strange one or maybe recent apps have gone memeory crazy,
but I've got a server using RH9 with 256 (PIII700) and it's snappy under
KDE and that's the fastest server I've got with the most memory. I'm
putting up a new server that's much faster and has a gig of memory, but
that's not for desktop stuff.

I even had a little RH7.3 box on a celeron 333 with about 64 megs and a
2gig drive and it was snappy using gnome/mozilla. Are the new desktops
bloating so much that they need big memory to even run a desktop?

My old server was a PentiumPro 150 with 128megs (upgraded to that from
64). It did everything and seemed decent to me in KDE. It was running RH8
or 9 as I remember.

As far as drive space, I think you can install everything on a debian box
and max out at 5-8 gigs, so I don't think a 12 gig presents any problems
whatsoever. Just not a huge space to stick a movie collection.

Perhaps I'm showing my green ness or perhaps I'm showing my old ness, I'm
not sure, but I wouldn't hesitate to set up this system as is and give it
a go and see what it does.

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