[NBLUG/talk] Request for hardware and distro recommendations

Osiris Pedroso opedroso at swoptimizer.com
Thu Apr 27 04:28:57 PDT 2006

Hi Roger,

I'll say you have enough machine to install and have a feel for Linux with
what you have. There is no need to spend money on a learning platform.

I agree with previous posters that this machine is more indicated to work as
a server, so pick a distro and run the CDs on it. Even better, get a couple
of CD sets and install two of them in a row. 

And later on, after having learned some Linux and having a few
install/reinstall/upgrades on your chosen distro, then buy a new machine if
that becomes important to you.

I suggest getting a book like Hardening Linux (ISBN 0-07-225497-1) that goes
through explanations on what modules to keep on/turn off, what they do and
how they effect the security of your machine. Obviously, because of its
focus, the book assumes you have a running Linux machine to start with, but
I have learned lots from it.

Another great book is Linux Server Hacks - 100 industrial-Strength Tips &
Tools (ISBN 0-596-00461-3). Finish with these two books and you will be
dangerous... :-)

Best of luck,


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I have been attending NBLUG meetings fairly regularly for some time now
(and enjoying them immensely, I must say) and I have finally decided to
get serious about Linux.  I have an older machine running NT 4.0 which I
would like to turn into a Linux machine.  I have a number of questions:

1.  Is it even reasonable to try using this machine for Linux?  Some
        x86 Family 6 Model 7 Stepping 3
        500 Mhz (?)
        261,492 KB RAM
        12 GB disk

2.  If the answer to question 1 is No, please recommend what hardware I
should buy.  Ideally I would prefer not to spend a ton of money, but I
want to end up with a reasonably useful system.

3.  What Linux distro is recommended?

My primary aim here is to learn Linux and associated software from the
ground up from hands-on experience.  I should say that I'm a software
developer who has been around since punch-card days (you know all those
old greybeards who show up at NBLUG meetings?  I'm one of them) so I
have some technical background.

Any recommendations or suggestions will be appreciated.

Roger House

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