[NBLUG/talk] Update on Linux education

Roger House rhouse at sonic.net
Sat Apr 29 15:42:45 PDT 2006

Thanks to Steve Saunders for prompting me to keep everyone informed of
my foray into the world of Linux.  So far, I have taken a couple of small
steps:  To minimize hardware costs, I'm getting more RAM for the machine
I have now.  I have ordered these books:  Linux Server Hacks, Linux
Desktop Hacks, and Hardening Linux.

I work fulltime and have somewhat of a life apart from computers (mostly
thanks to my wife) so I will not be able to move at a fast pace in this 
However, I do intend for it to be a steady (if slow) movement forward.  I am
sure I will be posting questions to this list.  And I will will post 
updates from
time to time as I proceed.

Again, thanks to all of you for your help.  I feel like I have a team of 
backing me up in case I get in over my head.


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