[NBLUG/talk] Perl vs other scripting methods

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Mon May 8 11:51:14 PDT 2006

> Some years ago when I was working as a DBA, I used Perl to do things
> like nightly backups.  But time has flown by and I have not used Perl in
> over 15 years and now need to write some simple scripts.  Should I break
> out the Perl book (I assume it would still be good enough) or should I
> learn another scripting language?  As I recall, Perl and Php are similar
> and I am fairly proficient with Php.
> Todd

I'll probably just be one of the din, but php is a great language for web
pages, probaly the best, but for server work I'd choose perl. Also the
coding is very similar. I doubt you'd have much trouble even after 15

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