[NBLUG/talk] Perl vs other scripting methods

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Tue May 9 12:45:59 PDT 2006

> I am sorry about creating some confusion when I mentioned PHP.  My
> intent was to indicate that I am comfortable with the syntax and as I
> recall, there is some similarity to Perl (as well as C).  By no means do
> I intend using PHP for system level scripting.  My main question is Perl
> versus the shell languages about which I know zip other than struggling
> to understand some of the scripts.  Should one really go through the
> efforts and learn the language that is used by so many scripts in Linux
> or stick with Perl or as suggested, Python?
> Todd

Personally I feel perl is better than shell scripting, but the ability to
read shell scripting and make modifications can be a very good thing. I'd
recomend becoming familar with shell scripting for anyone using a *ix
system, but I probably wouldn't bother becoming a master shell scripter as
perl is better for that. But if you're just wanting to execute this comand
every night at midnight, or even half a dozen commands, shell is the way
to go. Batch files with teeth.

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