[NBLUG/talk] debian/samba/dvd-r/mysql

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Thu May 11 14:24:18 PDT 2006

Hey guys (and galls). I've got a project rich environment and a project
that the bosses want done and are willing to put their money where there
mouths are.

I've got a debian stable system (3.1/64) set up and ready to go. Looks
like web services are running at least partially (I got a directory
listing just now, yuck).

I need:

* samba configured for our company
* apache working nicely
* mysql services (databases) transfered over from another system
* also two physical drives need to be brought over from another computer
once samba is working properly.
* and once thats done the burning of backups onto DVD-R and RW (should be

there's a few more things that need to be done, but I don't mind sweeping
up the little bits.

Also, it's not really that I can't do any of the above. It's just that I
don't have time to and they would like it done soon.

You can contact me at this address, but whansen at corporate-image.com is

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