[NBLUG/talk] Update on Linux education, part 2

Tim Preston timp at sonic.net
Sun May 21 21:25:55 PDT 2006

Just a thought but did you wipe the boot partition on the HDD? Or, wipe 
the drive before starting? Maybe it is trying to check the drive before 
installing and won't continue because the drive is active or contains a 
valid install? Just a thought.

Roger House wrote:
> Well, I have been making progress, slowly but surely.  I spent a fair
> amount of time finding out about the BIOS, motherboard, etc., etc., on my
> old computer, and finally bought a 256MB DIMM from HSC in Rohnert Park.  
> I plugged it in, and, presto, I had double the memory I started with. 
> There are three memory slots, two with 128MB DIMMs which came with the
> system when I bought it, and one with the new 256MB DIMM I just added.  If
> I replace the two 128MB boards with two 256MB boards I can get the RAM up
> to the max possible, namely 768MB.  However, for now I am will see how the
> 512MB works.
> I next went to Red Hat's website and downloaded 6 CD images for Fedora
> Core 5 and burned the images onto 6 CD's.  I was about to begin installing
> when it suddenly occurred to me that I had never retreived all files of
> interest from the old machine when I semi-retired it a couple of years
> ago.  (One could argue that if I hadn't missed the files for two years,
> maybe they could just as well disappear ...)  So I spent several hours
> pulling files off the old machine.
> Now, I am ready to install FC-5.  I start reading the Installation Guide
> at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/fedora-install-guide-en/fc5/ and 
> eventually
> reach the section "Booting from CD, DVD, or USB Media" at
> http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/fedora-install-guide-en/fc5/ch-beginninginstallation.html#sn-booting-from-disc 
> I put the first disk in the CD drive and start the computer.  The usual
> stuff scolls across the screen culminating in
>    ISOLINUX 3.10 2005-08-24
> There is a rather long pause, and then "ioslinux:" appears, so the last
> line on the screen now reads
>    ISOLINUX 3.10 2005-08-24  isolinux:
> Now problems arise:  As soon as I press a key on the keyboard, the machine
> reboots from scratch, as if I had powered down and then powered back 
> up.  It
> always returns to the line above, at which point pressing a key starts
> the reboot over again.
> I should mention that the screen does not look anything like what the 
> Fedora
> Installation Guide shows (see the URL above), nor does a "boot:" prompt
> appear.
> Any ideas about what to do?
> Thanks in advance,
> Roger
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