[NBLUG/talk] Remotes

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Wed May 24 23:37:08 PDT 2006

Lincoln Peters wrote:

> If you want to get it as simple as possible, why not just get a wireless 
> keyboard?  Admittedly it's a much bulkier solution than a remote 
> control, but it would require no drivers and work with pretty much 
> everything; a standard RF keyboard would appear to the system just like 
> a standard USB or PS/2 keyboard, or a Bluetooth keyboard would be 
> supported by the Bluetooth drivers included in the stock kernel 
> (although I haven't actually tried it!).
> The most you might need to do is assign some more convenient keyboard 
> shortcuts to various keys.  I don't know what software you're using, but 
> I know that Kaffeine makes this very easy.

We use a gyration mouse and keyboard at work. It's RF instead of IR. 
It's got a mini keyboard and the mouse will work in mid air. Looks like 
they've upgraded the models. Ours uses a USB port and has a range of 
about 50'. We got both for $119 about two years ago. It works great. 
Most of the wireless keyboard/mice have a 6' range.

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