[NBLUG/talk] Speaking of mysqueal -- ODBC?

Mark Street mark at oswizards.com
Mon May 29 18:28:16 PDT 2006

I just tested this out with oobase on my laptop running FC5 fully updated.

Make sure you have the mysql-connector-odbc package installed.

In /etc/odbc.ini a stanza such as this.

DSN = testiing-eligibility
Driver = /usr/lib/libmyodbc3-3.51.12.so
Server = localhost
Port = 3306

On Monday May 29 2006 3:09 pm, Scott Doty wrote:
> Hi,
> This may seem like a dumb question, but what would be a well-formed ODBC
> connection specifier for a mysql server on "localhost" ?
> I ask because I'd like to see how powerful OpenOffice "Base" is for
> managing my MythTV database.  (Would be very snazzy to build a "TV Guide"
> view, for example...)
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