[NBLUG/talk] I hate perl. :-)

William Tracy afishionado at gmail.com
Tue May 30 22:42:41 PDT 2006

> Which curly brace syntax?  There is the map expression:
>     print map { $_ . "\n" } sort keys %ngrms;

OK, so that's an inline subroutine? Wow, I need to stare at the docs again. :-|

(I *should* be able to handle this, though, given my tendency to
spread inline classes everywhere in my Java code....)

> I see you only tried it with arguments of, say, 5 letters or less.  Try
> getting the anagrams of the word "insiginificant".  ;)

Alright, it's indistinguishable in my version because the anagram code
is intersperced with print calls. Even with long words like
"insignificant", I see words appearing pretty much immediately and


Dude, running your version of the script with "insignificant" just
made my machine start thrashing. :-P

> From: Rob Orsini <orsini at oreilly.com>
> I want to see your Python version of the same thing.

Hmm, we'll see how much more time I can afford to dedicate to this
project. I'm already a wee bit behind on some more serious programming
projects, thanks to an evil thing known as FreeCiv. :-P

> Btw, I use Perl, Python and Ruby. I like them all. (Flame that!)

Hm, I haven't tried Ruby. I understand that it's similar to Perl, but
it has this thing called, what was it, Rails? ;-)


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