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Lincoln Peters sampln at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 31 21:25:13 PDT 2006

Nat W. wrote:
> That might work, but I would want to plug in my own hardrives, which I'm not
> sure how easy that would be (I guess i could messaround with it a little...)
> The reason I had wanted the pci slot was so I could plug in the ide card I
> have that basically adds room for 4 ide drives 

How many hard drives are you talking about?  It might not be possible to 
cram all of them into a case of the size you're describing.

I've successfully used external hard drives on my MacBook Pro, connected 
via either USB or FireWire.  However, this would require you to have one 
or more external enclosures, which might not be desirable in some 
circumstances (it might drive up the cost of the system).

I know that such enclosures works fine under MacOS X, and while I 
haven't specifically tried to use USB or FireWire storage devices under 
Linux on a Mac, I have used USB enclosures successfully on other Linux 
boxes in the past,* and I have not encountered any problems with the few 
USB devices I have tried (an external keyboard and mouse).  I could run 
a few tests, if you're interested.

Then again, maybe someone else will chime in with a better idea.

* OK, the last time I did anything serious with USB drive enclosures on 
Linux was my little USB/RAID experiment, which was a dismal failure.  
The USB drives themselves worked just fine; it was only when I tried to 
boot from a RAID array that included USB drives that I began to have 
problems, hence the dismal failure.

Lincoln Peters
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