[NBLUG/talk] Mac - Performa 6400/200 to trade, give away.

Mr. Jan Hearthstone hearthstone11 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 16 14:54:55 PDT 2007

I will trade Mac - Performa 6400/200 for anything that
I might need--odd connectors for my old tape drive
that I cannot plug into my machine, or anything I
could back up my files to, or an old digital camera,
or an old PC, or, a used LCD monitor, ...???
I live in Sebastopol.
The Performa comes with everything (2 monitors,
k-board, mac mouse), and a book by David Pogue - "Macs
for Idiots"--I know that you'd not need the book, but
I don't either, anymore, now that I found that putting
Debian on the Performa would be way too daunting for
Thanks, Hearthstone

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